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Window washing

Window washing can be a headache if you don’t do it the right way. Here, we give you some time tested tips and tricks that you should know in order to clean your windows efficiently. While window cleaning may seem a trivial task for you, producing squeaky clean windows is not a very easy task.


These tips come from a variety of sources but have one thing in common. Mastercare Cleaning will help your windows shine and make them crystal clear.


Streak Free Windows

Window cleaning will not be a chore, if home owners know how to do it the right way. For most home owners it is an arduous task that means, crumpled newspaper, lots of towels and a bunch of dirty work.. Using a squeegee, like the pros, is the best way to achieve squeaky clean windows that are not only spotless, but have no streaks at all. A squeegee with a smooth, soft rubber edge is the best tool for this. Also, take care to avoid washing while the window is in contact with direct sunlight. This is because windows that dry too quickly have the tendency to develop washing streaks. That is also the reason why cloudy days are the best for window cleaning.

Tackling the Dust Magnet Window


Are you fed up of freshly cleaned windows that can’t stay clean even for a week? Yes, windows that are dust magnets can be cured! The reason freshly cleaned windows are such dust magnets are that they become statically charged after all that scrubbing and rubbing. The trick is to use an anti-static spray so that any charge can be neutralized. This will help protect your windows form dirt right after you clean them.


Clean Those Mildew Spots


Mildew spots on windowsills can look very bad. These spots can be easily cleaned through applying a spray on these spots that is a mixture of household bleach and laundry detergent in a quart of water. You should also wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands. The solution should be sponged on these spots then rinsed thoroughly form the spots with clean water.

Windowsills That Rapidly Get Dirty

Windowsills that rapidly get dirty are one of the most common problems associated with window cleaning. To keep your window sills clean, you should apply a coat of floor wax to protect them from getting dirty again. These tips can prove extremely useful if you have a window cleaning job ahead of you, and can help you make the most of your window washing.


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