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You will find that tiles are rather easy to keep clean, with some nonabrasive cleanser and it will remove any soap scum, dirt, grime, and more from the tiles. Then giving them a nice buff will help bring the shine back. The only promise is grout is not as easily. If regular cleaning maintenance is not done, then mold and discoloration can occur. Thankfully, there is a simply way of cleaning your tile and grout. Contact Mastercare cleaning, they use the latest technologies that pick up all dirt, dust, and debris. This will give you better access to cleaning the tile and grout. For grout to clean the best, finding a product that is acidic-based work wonders. Also, making sure there are whitening properties such as baking soda or bleach brings the whiteness out.


When you apply the solution, make sure that it soaks in and that all areas are covered. Let the cleaner set for about 20–30 minutes, this will help loosen the stains and grime and make it easier to clean out. Next you will want to use a hard bristle brush, a grout cleaning one or a toothbrush will work great. You will want to scrub in a circular motion, not just up and down or side to side. This will help you clean out all the dirt and grime in the grout. The final steps are simple; all you will need to do is rinse off the floor, and use a clean, dry cloth to soak up the remaining water. If you find that there are still some stains or grime remaining, you may need to repeat the process.

For the best results, make sure to include this Mastercare cleaning maintenance on regular bases. Doing so will slow down any discoloration and mold within the grout. Try and vacuum or sweep your tile and grout floors on a daily basis if possible, and mope weekly. One thing to consider is possibly investing in a steam cleaner. Running a steam cleaner on the tiles and grout can help minimize any dirt or grime that is really pushed into the grout. If any spills happen, cleaning them up immediately will help prevent any stains from forming.

Some tips to consider before starting the cleaning process is when you choose your cleaning hard-bristle brush, make sure not to use a metal one. Using a metal one will cause it to scratch out the grout, which is something you do not want. Before starting on the entire grout area with your cleanser, test it out on a small spot and make sure that it does not discolor or damage the grout or tile. And if you have colored grout, be sure not to use a cleanser with bleach in it. This will bleach it out, turning it to a white or a grey.


When in doubt contact Mastercare cleaning, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your granite flooring or if you have any questions.


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